Anna & Al’s glorious celebration in the South Warwickshire countryside is one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever photographed. I’ve been shooting weddings for over a decade now and in that time have covered more than 250 joyous jamborees of matrimonial merriment so I don’t bestow that accolade lightly.I hadn’t shot a Longbourn Barn wedding previously. Indeed it is such a hidden gem that it wasn’t even on my radar. Needless to say it now is and if I was getting married tomorrow, it’d be high on my shortlist.

Anna & Al and their excellent friends clearly put a huge amount of collective heart and soul into prepping their wonderful venue. They were onsite for a couple of days ahead of time and the results speak for themselves. Longbourn Estate Barn is near the village of Little Kineton. It is set in the beautiful rural landscape of South Warwickshire and consists of a long central barn, and spaces either side with adjoining rooms. The central barn was quite simply the best dressed space I have ever worked in. Green and gold everywhere, vintage filament lightbulbs by the wagonload and custom rigged hanging centrepieces adorned with hops suspended above an impressive array of banqueting tables. Real take your breath away stuff! It was an incredible introduction to Longbourn Barn wedding celebrations.

Anna had always wanted fireworks to feature on her wedding day. He managed to covertly arrange a display and then sprang the surprise moments after the first dance. Cue great reactions all round and a truly delighted bride. Following the display, which was fantastic, everyone piled back into the barn for a brilliant night of revelry. The dancing was immense, there were a variety of entertaining stage-invasions and the whisky bar was so tempting that it only narrowly escaped my clutches!

As you’ll see from the photographs, Anna & Al’s Longbourn Barn wedding was an absolute corker. It looked simply spectacular, the style was sublime and the people were wonderful. My huge thanks to Anna & Al for having me, it was an absolute blast and I enjoyed every magnificent minute. I can’t wait to get back to Warwickshire to shoot another Longbourn Barn wedding soon!


'We were absolutely thrilled with how the barn turned out - it was amazing to be able to be there all week for the run up and to watch it materialise into our dream was very special for us both. You were so great throughout the entire process and we will of course be recommending you to anyone looking to get married back in Warwickshire. '